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Tremors in Delhi

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 hit Alwar district in Rajasthan earlier today, Tremors were felt in Delhi and its adjoining areas Noida, Gurugram, and Faridabad occurred around 7 pm at a depth of 35 kilometers.

In the past few months various low - mid-intensity earthquakes were registered in Delhi, (NCT) region of India such as:

# On June 25, an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 struck south of Champhai in Mizoram.

# On May 29, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.6 with an epicenter in Rohtak, Haryana.

# On May 15, an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.2 hit 13 km northwest of New Delhi

# On May 10 a medium-intensity earthquake of magnitude 3.4 had hit the capital with an epicenter near Northeast Delhi's Wazirpur area."

# The same area was also the epicenters of the earthquakes of magnitudes 3.5 and 2.7 respectively which hit on April 12 and April 13

Is Delhi a safe area?

well not particularly, according to seismic zone mapping of India, the nation is divided into 4 zones (zone 2 -zone 5) where zone 2 being the lowest and zone 5 being the highest in terms of seismic activity.

The Delhi falls under the zone 4 category (a high damage risk zone) moreover it, Delhi sits on top of the three active seismic fault lines: Sohna fault line, Mathura fault line, and Delhi-Moradabad fault line hence, it is considered as one of the most highly vulnerable areas.

Now since there have been several low-intensity earthquakes in the past few months it does not necessarily mean that there will be a high-intensity earthquake for sure in the near future but there are possibilities also whereas, many advisories have also been published in this regard by many scientists and organizations.

Since the Delhi falls under zone 4 according to seismic mapping it can not be regarded as the safest place too.

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