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Hospitality with technology

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Hospitality Industry survival at stake!

– Technology fusion to play a major role in this evolving phase of Hospitality, it is always about the experience that consumer pays for when it comes to hospitality, and with Social distancing things are going to change with it.

After all the covid19 situations the hospitality industry has been given some relaxation concerning restaurant and dine-in. But is it that simple to restart this time?

“I asked this to the experts and they reply it with a simple no” why?

Because now they have to obey social distancing rules also while operating their businesses but how can an industry operate in full swing which is labor extensive maintaining their social distancing rules, As far as it seems like bullshit but technology is something that can change things easily and has to play a key role in it, and that’s the answer. Extensive use of technology and gadgets instead of labor will serve both - normal operations as far as possible and social distancing norms at the same time.

Of course, how can the output remain the same as that of before corona? However, the question is if this idea will meet the need of the hour and that’s where it wins the debate.

So, it looks like dine-in tradition is going to take a leap in the future with extensive use of technical gadgets instead of labor. This technological advancement will be seen in a series of actions for example,

Order taking process will be totally redefined against the traditional ways where waiters used to take and process the orders now there will be online apps, QR codes, and websites or communicating gadgets for that.

Not just the order taking but some other service providers are coming with contactless foodservice through robotic waiters who will be serving the food to your tables on your orders against the traditional waiter-style as this will ensure hygiene and social distancing norm between the guest and the waiter.

There has already been a trend of cardless and cashless payment through wallets and QR scanning so far, perhaps it is not wrong to say that the ways of the dine-in industry are going to take an all-new look with the advancement of technology and changing tradition.

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